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There are several other courses available as well, but the languages above are the core focus. Code Academy is one of the most popular sites where people learn to code for free. More than 24 million people have learned to code using this platform.

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Apart from the other subjects offered, this platform offers free online courses related to computer science. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare is a great initiative undertaken by MIT. As part of this platform, all the study materials of the MIT undergraduate and graduate-level courses are brought online so that you can study them at anytime and anywhere with free access to all. The various programming languages taught by Code Conquest include PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C++, HTML and CSS.

Plus, there are always coupons and specials where you can find discounts and even free versions of paid courses. You can dive into the one-hour tutorials, or take a more structured approach. There are also foundational courses that teach you the philosophy and skills behind computer programming as a whole. There are also paid courses available, but there are enough free educational materials to teach you the basics of coding. edX is a massive open-source higher education learning platform. It currently has a network of over 5 million students.

In this program, you’ll find 15 different courses which are further broken down into 3 introductory classes, 7 core classes, and 5 electives. Aside from learning, you’ll have the ability to connect with mentors who are currently at the top of their field. Created by the Google Developers Training team, what better way to learn how to code and gain a Google Developers Certification, than from the experts themself. Solo Learn is a free website that offers a handful of different programming languages. Each course on the site will take 12 hours to complete and is available in a multitude of different languages. Plus, there’s a community filled with programming experts to support you.

  • In addition, the channel talks about Google Polymer too.
  • Learn Code-Academy Youtube channel has a 24-video playlist with detailed understandings for those who are just starting.
  • It’s the best place to learn about the fundamentals of web applications and how to use them.
  • They have uploaded detailed tutorials on how to build better PWAs or how to supercharge your web performances.
  • How serious are you about learning to develop websites?

By going through such real case studies, you will have a better idea about how to use the particular programming language, based on different requirements. You can access all the course material for free and fine-tune your skills as a front-end web developer or as an Android or iOS developer.

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above queries, then you probably need to learn how to write code on your own. The plus side here is that it makes learning C# fun and interactive while also teaching you about the Unity engine. The course is 100% project-based, so you will not just be learning theory but actually creating real indie games as you go. The Beginning Game Programming with C# course from is all about learning how to develop games in C#. This is an advanced course, so while it’s not impossible to jump right in, it might be a bit frustrating for beginners.

This open source higher education platform is quickly becoming a globally renowned learning resource with more than 5 million learners. Moreover, you can check out the ratings and reviews for every free course before you enrol for it. This will help you choose the best available free Udemy course on the topic or programming language you are interested in. offers you access to a wide range of tutorials in the form of how-to guides , videos and so on. In this article, we take a closer look at the 20 amazing resources to learn to code for free all you will need is access to an internet connection and a good laptop.

This is a blog that contains plenty of quality material, articles and books which you will find handy while you attempt to learn programming skills. This website aims to teach you most of the basic programming languages, such as Ruby and Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, required to build websites.

For example, you’ll find a variety of introductory computer programming courses like Python, C and C++, and Java. The OpenCourseWare Initiative brings all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate courses online. Even without getting into MIT you can get an MIT-level education, provided you have the motivation to complete the work. Dash is a free online course that’ll teach you the basics of web development, all within your web browser. Udemy is an online education portal that offers thousands of courses. There are a lot of paid courses on the platform, but you’ll also find plenty of free ones as well.

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