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Make sure you download the BIOS update for the exact model of your computer or motherboard and not another one. If you rewrite your motherboard BIOS with a BIOS that was created for another motherboard, you’re probably going to brick your motherboard .

Once you’ve landed on the manufacturer’s support website, look for something like Drivers or Downloads. Because every computer or motherboard model has its specific BIOS, you have to identify it accurately. The manufacturer’s website usually offers more ways of doing that. You might have a choice to use a search box, scroll through a list of computers or motherboards, or an application that you can download and run to automatically find the appropriate BIOS version for your computer. After the bios has hopefully flashed successfully, re-enter the bios to load the default settings under the bios ‘exit’ menu and save and exit.

Select A Location

Most BIOS update files will download inside of a ZIP folder. Generally, the easiest way to do this is by typing your computer’s manufacturer name, your computer’s model name, and "drivers" or "BIOS" into Google and then selecting the proper link. Next to the "System Model" heading, you’ll see a list of numbers and letters; this is your computer’s model name. You’ll need this information when you search for the BIOS update file.Skip this step if you have a custom-built computer.

Click on Browse to select the formatted USB drive as a saved location. Connect your USB flash drive to the computer, and then press Win + E keys to open the File Explorer and navigate to This PC section on the left sidebar. First of all, you need to prepare a fully formatted USB flash drive. To format your USB drive, you can try the following 3 methods.

This wikiHow teaches you how to update the BIOS software for a Windows computer. Keep in mind that your BIOS rarely needs updating, and updating the BIOS incorrectly can render your computer completely inoperable. If you choose to update the BIOS from a bootable drive (USB memory stick, CD/DVD, external HDD), first you will need to set up the drive, and then copy the BIOS file to it.

  • Your BIOS download probably comes in an archive—usually a ZIP file.
  • Inside, you’ll find some sort of BIOS file—in the screenshot below, it’s the E7887IMS.140 file.
  • Different motherboards use different utilities and procedures, so there’s no one-size-fits-all set of instructions here.
  • You’ll see the version number of the BIOS or UEFI firmware in your current PC.

The right area will show the contents of the drive you selected on the left and you can Facebook use the arrow keys to switch between them. Don’t try this unless you have a good reason to update your bios and can take the chance of killing your system . Flashing the bios with Win7 and Win8 is not very different except maybe the process to enter the bios. BIOS refers to the basic input-output system and it’s used to tell your computer what type of hardware will be connected to your computer.

To begin updating the BIOS, you might have to choose the new BIOS, or it may be selected automatically. Then, look for a button named Update, Flash, Run, or something similar and click or tap on it. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is relax and watch your BIOS getting updated. If possible, try to update your BIOS while using a reliable source of electricity. If you’re updating the BIOS for a laptop or another portable device, make sure that its battery is fully charged. If you’re doing it on a desktop computer, use an uninterruptible power supply if you have one. These precautions are necessary because only a small power fluctuation can corrupt the BIOS while it’s being updated.

Prior to the MSI update BIOS, you need to do the following 2 things. Prepare a fully formatted USB drive and access a stable network connection.

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